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Introducing the WongBox+. You may know the original WongBox, an affordable 3D printed 7x7 artisan case, and we’ve given it an upgrade! The WongBox+ is the same look and style, but now in aluminum.

We are very excited to bring this GB to you! Many of you have been asking for this since we released the original WongBox. I'm also happy to say that we have found a manufacturer to work with to offer anti-reflective glass lids at a reasonable cost!

Group Buy dates:

  • May 7-28

  • Order to be placed in June

  • Estimated delivery in September/October

Product specs:

  • 7 x 7 slot artisan case

  • Aluminum

  • 17 x 17 x 2.5cm dimensions

  • Acrylic lid - clear

  • Glass lid, anti-reflective - optional add-on

  • 3D printed stand - optional add-on

Colours, MoQ is 50 per colour:

  • Black

  • Purple

  • Raw Silver (sandblasted with no ano)


  • $95 - WongBox+ and acrylic lid

  • $25 - Anti-reflective glass lid + acrylic lid

  • $13 - Black 3D printed stand

Things to note:

  • This is the first time I've worked with glass lids. The manufacturer has given me a variance of +/-0.5mm in lid width/height, this means some may be looser/tighter fitting than others. I will be discarding ones that are either too loose or too tight, but there will still be some variation in lid size.

  • There will be hanger marks on these boxes, there's no way around it. They will be on the inside of the box above the artisan slots. They are roughly the size of a pin head. People who have seen the prototypes in person thought it was bits of dust to give you a rough idea.

WongBox+ is a group buy. There may be delays during all stages of the group buy. The timeline provided is an estimate. There are no refunds or cancellations on these orders.

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